Free Beta Version 1.5
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Download and unzip ASCAN-15.ZIP with Winzip. If Winzip is installed correctly, you can RUN ascan-15.zip from the START button on the Windows 95/98 Desktop. Astroscan V1.5 is enclosed in a self-extracting executive file ASCAN-15.EXE. Run this file from START.



The Ultimate Pesentation
Of Communication In the New Age

Astroscan 1.5 has the option for creating a report in web page (HTML) format. The report includes options for background colors, textures, font sizes, font colors, tables, table background colors, large decorative astrology glyphs, astrology section designs, text colors, etc.

The trend is pointing in the direction of reports sent by email rather than snail mail, which involves: printing out the report (a long tedious job, if everything goes well), costly paper, time, expensive color cartridges, packaging, mailing address, postage, and finally taking the parcel to the post office.

With html reports, it takes only a minute to prepare the report, another to zip it up with pictures and chartwheel, and seconds to email it as an attached file.

Customers can always print out the report on their printers through their browser if they want to.

The world is fast approaching the paperless office for allthe same reasons stated above. By avoiding paper, we alsosave our trees and our atmosphere at the same time. It makessense. More and more software is gradually orienting itselfto web page format, following the lead of Windows 98.

Plain astrological text reports in black & white are a thing of the past. After all, business presentations are no longer done with black text on white paper. This ancient style draws yawns now. We are living in the visual graphical age, where all information is accompanied by colorful graphics. Why? Because it makes plain boring text more attractive and fun to read. But there's more to it than that. The fact is, a picture is worth a thousand words, and most certainly adds information that is sometimes lacking in words.

At the moment, there is no other software company in the world that can do the kind of html report that Astroscan 1.5 provides. Check out the sample below to see what Astroscan has done to the evolution of the astrological report.